Wasting time with unsolicited phone calls

My colleagues in the UK recently conducted a quick poll to get an indication of how much time is wasted on unsolicited calls from recruitment agencies.

They asked HR managers and directors to indicate how many unsolicited sales calls they receive from recruitment agencies in a day (7 on average) and how long these calls on average last (2.5 minutes).

The results are breathtaking. They calculated that HR professionals in the UK waste an aggregate of 10.3 million hours a year fielding speculative calls from recruitment agencies. On an individual HR manager level this comes down to 69 hours a year, based on 47 work weeks a year. Think about how much better this time could be spent on either side and don’t even try to calculate the implied cost of this inefficiency – it is just depressing!

No wonder that employers and recruiter traditionally have a “love-hate” relationship. Employers often feel “harassed” by recruiters, whilst recruiters feel they have to chase employers for timely feedback.

This is where TalentPuzzle comes in. Our goal is to provide a platform where employers and recruiters can interact more efficiently with each other. Because TalentPuzzle creates transparency in the recruitment process by getting employers to list their vacancy specifics and associated placement fees they are willing to pay, there's no uncertainly about pricing, hiring status and no need for cold calls. Improved relationships will lead to faster filling times, better conversion rates – and less frustration for both parties!

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