Talent Puzzle Africa launches Version 3.0

Talent Puzzle Africa, Africa's first and largest online recruitment marketplace launches version 3.0 of its platform including a revolutionizing recommendation technology. With this innovation, Talent Puzzle Africa delivers on its promise of making recruitment even more efficient. Based on data collected on its platform, TalentPuzzle is able to recommend those recruitment agencies who are most likely to fill a specific vacancy. This will enable employers to always work with the best agencies, get better matching CVs and reduce overall time to hire.

It is Talent Puzzle Africa’s aim to bring transparency into the agency engagement process.With this new technology, we are enabling employers to identify those agencies who are best suited to fill their vacancies. Our recommendations are based on objective data which is not available anywhere else.”

Talent Puzzle Africa’s innovation is based on performance statistics which the internet platform collected over the past 12months of operation. Each agency has collected an array of data such as number and type of vacancies worked on, CV submissions, interviews and placements. Used intelligently, this enables the system to match effective recruiters to any given job vacancy.

About TalentPuzzle

TalentPuzzle is Africa's first and largest recruitment tendering platform. Talent Puzzle Africa enables employers to put their vacancies out for tender anonymously, and for free, ensuring that they are always working with the best recruitment agencies and on their own terms. Recruitment agencies, on the other hand, get access to an unparalleled stream of vacancies and new client relationships.

Talent Puzzle was launched with the vision to improve the efficiency and quality of the recruitment process. Talent Puzzle Africa guarantees that a fair, market-clearing fee is paid. TalentPuzzle is based on a success-only fee, so no money is exchanged until a successful placement is made. Hundreds of employers of all sizes and across all industries are entrusting their vacancies to Talent Puzzle Africa and are filling them faster than ever before.

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