Recruitment Case study: Finding in-demand candidates with specialist skill sets

This recruitment case study shows how an online recruitment marketplace has enabled this company to reach candidates with specialist experience and skills.

The company:
MCP Group is the leading Producer and Distributor in the world of minor metals and their chemicals. MCP has a workforce of over 350 people worldwide in 8 production sites and 14 commercial offices.

The challenges:
Finding people with relevant skills and experience in their very specialist area had been a problem for MCP Group. In particular, they had struggled to source and attract lab technicians and production supervisors.

The solution:
Using TalentPuzzle enabled MCP Group to access many different agencies that specialise in their area of recruitment, while maintaining control over the terms of business. The net effect was that MCP Group managed to source top quality candidates for hard-to-fill roles, and continues to fill specialist positions through TalentPuzzle.

“I would definitely recommend TalentPuzzle and have already been doing so to others in my network. It’s a fantastic tool because it enables the employer to have more of a stance on what they require. Being able to clearly specify what I expect from an agency has really helped and allowed for the best candidates to be discovered.” – Amy Baverstock, HR Manager at Mining & Chemical Products Ltd

Posted by Virginia


  1. The net effect was that MCP Group managed to source Sales Jobs top quality candidates for hard-to-fill roles,

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